The CAMA Board of Directors comprises ten officers, elected to alternating two-year terms (with the exception of the member-at- large, who is elected to a one-year term).


2017-2018 Board of Directors

Tyson Robinson President

(2015-2017, 1st term)

Mayo Clinic


Karrie Porter Brace Vice President

(2015-2017, 1st term)

ASU Libraries


Debbie Skehen Secretary

(2015-2017, 1st term)

River of Time Museum


Member Development Director




Julia McKee-Ostos Marketing Director

(2016-2018, 1st term)

Girl Scouts Barbara Anderson Museum


Anne Wallace Program Director

(2016-2018, 2nd term)


Faith Oberstein Development Director 

(2016-2018, 1st term)


Jeryse Kelly Member-At-Large

(2017-2018, 1st term)